Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Awesome news: Kirkus gave Afterimage an amazing review! Read the full text below, along with a link to Kirkus’s site:

“Not even time itself can stop Camryn Kingfisher from saving the universe and the people she loves in Hughes’ debut novel.

Two weeks after an explosion that killed 5,000 people at the Fort Wells Army Base, Agency for Scientific Advancement Division, Camryn wakes up in the hospital. No one else survived the blast except a teenage scientist who calls himself Quint. He remembers nothing about his past before the bomb, and, to make matters more complicated, only Camryn can see him. Although Quint is Camryn’s sole ally against the Agency, which is accusing Camryn’s dead mother of terrorism, he also has motives of his own. This stand-alone, high-action, science-fiction thriller starts with a bang and never slows for a beat. Camryn, who has Panic Disorder, learns to manage her anxiety to accomplish her goals by acknowledging her feelings rather than fighting them. Major characters are assumed white except for Dr. Evette Lila, a black woman who threatens to dox Camryn unless she cooperates with the Agency. A simmering romance with Quint tests Camryn’s beliefs when she discovers the true identity of the Agency bomber. Overall, plot twists, flashbacks, and alternate timelines keep the story full of surprises.

A wild, fast-paced ride full of unexpected turns.”

Kirkus Reviews

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