YA Sci-Fi Thriller
Coming Fall 2018 from Page Street Publishing

Seventeen-year-old Camryn loses her mom in an explosion at the Army base—and gains a see-through boy in a lab coat. “Quint” can’t remember anything about himself but insists he’s real anyway, and he’s been warning her not to trust the military doctors investigating her condition. Camryn isn’t quite ready to believe a guy who might be a hallucination, but her doctors are acting pretty squirrely too, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.

But a stolen tablet reveals a shattering secret: Quint is the result of the same catastrophic physics experiment that caused the explosion at the base and killed her mother. Now, the military is trying to use Camryn’s medical data to rebuild and weaponize the experiment, which converts a human soul to usable energy. And she isn’t the only one horrified by their agenda—a teenage physics genius-turned-terrorist is intent on destroying the experiment, even if he has to screw with the space-time continuum to do it.

With a possibly-real hallucination as her only ally, Camryn must evade the military’s grasp and stop—or maybe aid—the terrorist before she becomes the next casualty.