YA Sci-Fi Thriller (standalone novel)
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“[This] high-action, science-fiction thriller starts with a bang and never slows for a beat. …[P]lot twists, flashbacks, and alternate timelines keep the story full of surprises. A wild, fast-paced ride full of unexpected turns.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Hughes’ character-driven science fiction pulls the reader through a dizzying maze of complex but logical plot twists, and Camryn’s fully realized, first-person voice sustains this taut thriller.” –Booklist Reviews

“This tale deserves a prominent place on sci-fi shelves.” –School Library Journal

Chosen as a 2018 Fall/Winter YA Buzz Book by Publishers Marketplace

A horrific explosion levels part of the city and Camryn Kingfisher is the sole survivor.

Amidst controversy, conspiracy theories, and threats from government officials, Camryn longs for the truth. But the only person she can turn to is a transparent boy in a lab coat named Quint. Unsure whether he’s a hallucination or a ghost, Camryn has no choice but to trust him as they become embroiled in a plot that is bigger than either of them realizes.

In a race where the fabric of time and space is at stake, they must figure out who caused the explosion before the culprit comes back to finish Camryn–and her city–off for good.

ISBN: 978-62414-5971


YA Sci-Fi (standalone novel)
Ownvoices for OCD
Coming Nov 5, 2019 from Page Street Publishing

In a claustrophobic, cut-off island city where reflections spawn deadly monsters, mirrors have been strictly outlawed. In the experience of seventeen-year-old Marty Callahan, though, that only makes them sell better. He runs the city’s mirror black market, desperate to make enough money to reunite with his big brother in London.

But when a deal goes south, Marty is finally caught and exiled to the deadly Florida mainland. To survive long enough to find his brother, he’s forced to team up with an unlikely ally: the mayor’s son, a would-be cop who specialized in catching mirror dealers before he got blacklisted and exiled himself. But what neither boy realizes is that the mirrors hide a secret about the nature of their reality, and if they can’t uncover it in time, their entire island is doomed.

The Shadowed Flame
The Shadowed Flame

Teen Fantasy Adventure (Book 1 of the Unicorn Rider trilogy)
Available as a serialized story from Radish Fiction

Jackson Harper slays monsters on the sly.

He’s a unicorn rider. A defender of the territory. But he has to keep that a secret—because technically he’s supposed to be pure of heart to be approved for a unicorn bond, and his shady past rules that out. If the authorities catch him now, his monster-slaying dream job is all over.

But when a snake-dragon battle gets out of hand, he’s forced to accept help from a real rider: Moira Maldrigo. Six years ago, she was his best friend and unrequited crush. Now, she’s duty-bound to turn him in to the unicorn regiment.

But the unicorns have a dark secret too. And when Jackson and Moira stumble on it, they’re caught up in a much bigger—and deadlier—battle than they’d ever anticipated.