YA Sci-Fi (standalone novel)
Coming Nov 5, 2019 from Page Street Publishing

In a claustrophobic, cut-off island city where reflections spawn deadly monsters, mirrors have been strictly outlawed. In the experience of seventeen-year-old Marty Callahan, though, that only makes them sell better. As the sole operator of the city’s mirror black market, he doesn’t care that some of his clients use his wares for more than on-the-sly preening, only that he makes enough money to reunite with his big brother in London.

With the martial-law cops closing in, Marty is more desperate than ever to achieve his goal before he’s caught and exiled to the deadly Florida mainland. He’s forced to risk selling his mirrors to the island’s wealthy, dangerous rebel gang, but when the sale ends with a reflection-spawned Being killing a cop, he ends up exiled anyway. To survive long enough to find his brother, he’s forced to team up with an unlikely (and unwilling) ally: the mayor’s son, a would-be cop who has caught and exiled every other mirror dealer on the island. But what neither boy realizes is that the mirrors hide a secret about the nature of their reality, and if they can’t uncover it in time, their entire island is doomed.