YA Sci-Fi (standalone novel)
Coming Nov 5, 2019 from Page Street Publishing (distributed by Macmillan)
Mental Health representation: OCD

“Reads like an Arthur C. Clarke–Stephen King collaboration set in Silent Hill—fans of dark sci-fi will enjoy.” –Kirkus Reviews

“…a fast- paced, mind-bending sf mystery with poignant #OwnVoices OCD representation.” –Booklist

Marty Callahan still remembers the earth before the fog, before all the mirrors turned deadly. . .

Everything changed one year ago when an alien ship was destroyed over earth. No one knows why the shattered ship covered the world in fog, or how it turned mirrors into portals for vicious monsters. All Marty knows is that his small coastal town is one of the few remaining safe havens. Though all reflective surfaces are now illegal to protect what’s left of the population, mirrors still have unique uses and the demand continues to rise.

Seizing the opportunity, Marty becomes a distributor in an illegal mirror trade until he’s caught by the mayor’s son, whose slate is far from clean. The punishment for their crimes is exile, and both of them are sent to one of the many abandoned and dangerous cities overrun by fog.

But the nightmarish streets hold a mystery far greater than anything they could have imagined. Together, the two discover the horrifying truth behind what really happened when the spaceship was destroyed, and what they must do to save earth from the total destruction no one knows is coming.

Content warnings are in my author review on Goodreads.

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