Empress of Ash

Book 2 in The Sundered Worlds Trilogy
Coming in January 2022
A brand-new “young YA” trilogy perfect for fans of Percy Jackson!

Iris Tulle is a villain bent on saving the world.

She’s spent years dissecting unicorns, but none of her experiments have turned up what she needs most: magik. The living unicorns hoard all of that, even though the world is slowly dying without it—which is why she’s planning to taking them down.

But all that changes when a near-death experience ends with her unwittingly bonded to her very own stallion. Colby is a kind-hearted but naive young unicorn who has no idea she’s the reason his kin have been disappearing. Iris tells herself she’s only keeping him alive so she can study his magik—and the strange connection it seems to grant her to Jackson Harper.

But as she becomes more involved with him and the unicorn riders, she discovers a disastrous truth about magik that leads her to another world…and to a choice between Colby’s life, and her own future.

ISBN: 978-1-7363943-5-9